We collect throughout England, Scotland & Wales periodically with our fleet of vans and trucks. Our drivers are courteous and patient with regards to access of the cages and always empty each site completely. We are not like some other recyclers who turn up and only partially empty the cage, we make sure all the waste is taken away every time, whether that be just bumpers are all plastic waste.

Let us know the size of your operation and we can assess the amount of waste you produce. We can quote for just bumper removal if that is all you require or quote to remove all your plastic waste.

We provide the bumper collection stillages and cages and between us we can set the schedule of collections required that best suit your business.

The cost and collection intervals are based on amounts of waste produced, we appreciate that waste volumes will fluctuate throughout the year and we will monitor that and if the schedule needs to be adjusted we can agree between us the correct intervals required.

On initial set up we would give you a copy of our licence and we would issue Duty of Care Waste Transfer Notes every time we collect.

Don`t let bulky plastic waste clog up your general waste skips, we can remove that waste and it will reduce the amount of general waste skips required saving you money!

We firmly believe that service counts for something and pride ourselves on the service we offer. Give us a call and let us see if between us we can set up a system that will work and not cost the earth.